If I Were a Hoarder

A compendium of all the intriguing detritus, all the irresistible bargains and all the wondrous objects that might clutter my studio today if I were a hoarder

The Scanners Project

Kimberly Chun, for the San Francisco Chronicle:

…Falling in love with the bound, albeit ungagged, and altogether fascinating written word again? It seemed to be happening at Scanners, the temporary used bookstore in the Mission, which hosted an opening event Saturday. (For more about the project, see Page 20.) Cult, sci-fi, counterculture and art volumes were walking away with attendees, and I was tempted by titles like “How to Make Applehead Dolls for Pleasure and Profit,” but first I should probably attend Rebecca Falkoff's talk on "Hoarding in the Digital Age" there on Oct. 12.

Scanners Project | SF Gate

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